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From military basic pay charts to drill pay charts; from VA loan limits to basic housing allowance rates near your military base, we provide you with the ammunition to hit your target: a prosperous military lifestyle.
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Military Pay Charts
Earning your military salary is one thing; managing it well enough to cover your military lifestyle can require some maneuvering. The military comes with great additional financial support: allowances, benefits and more, all in addition to your military salary.
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o-1 / o-5 | o-6 / o-10 | w-1 / w-5 | e-1 / e-5 | e-6 / e-9
GI Bill Benefits
After you separate from the military, your education is your entry point to a higher-paying job in a new career. Over the years, your education will add up to many thousands more dollars in payback.
Military Discounts
Companies express appreciation for your military service in various ways. Some companies put their money where their hearts are, and many of these military discount programs never expire.
Military and Veteran Discounts:
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Military Bases
Military bases may go by a number of names, such as airbase, airfield, shipyard, garrison, station, post, dock, arsenal, proving ground, armory, fort, camp, barracks, facility, reservation, field, or installation.
Featured Articles

Category: Military Pay Charts

Connecting Military Rank and Pay

The three general military categories of rank are Enlisted, Warrant Officer, and Commissioned Officer. Each rank comes with responsibilities and pay scales.

Category: Military Reserve Pay Charts

It's a Lot More Than Just Drill Pay

When you serve in the National Guard and Reserve units, you receive Drill Pay - money earned while training on weekends and during full-time training.

Category: Incentive and Special Pay

Incentive/Special Pay Supports Enlistment

In the military, many people find job security along with job pride: the opportunity to contribute their talents in service of their country.

Category: Basic Allowance for Housing

BAH Rates Explained

Non-locality BAH is one of several types of Basic Housing Allowance. Each satisfies a specific housing need for military members in varying situations.

Category: Locality-based Housing Allowances

Individual Rate Protection for BAH

BAH provides uniformed service members with permanent duty within the U.S. compensation based on housing costs in local civilian housing markets.

Category: Montgomery GI Bill Benefits

Do Montgomery GI BILL Benefits Expire?

Each year the VA releases Montgomery GI Bill payment rates and the news is often good. Unlike the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the MGIB rates for full-time, three quarter, half, and less then half-time are relatively straightforward.
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