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If you're eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB), you may receive benefits for a wide variety of training including an undergraduate or graduate degree at a college or university, or a training program. You may also take an accredited independent study program leading to a degree.
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Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty


The MGIB-AD program, also referred to as Chapter 30, provides education benefits to veterans and service members. As an active duty member, you can opt to $100 per month for 12 months in order to receive the monthly education assistance. You are entitled to this benefit only after you complete the minimum 2 years of active duty. The benefits provided under this bill are non-transferable.


The Montgomery GI Bill - Active Duty, called "MGIB-AD" for short, provides up to 36 months of education benefits to eligible veterans, which can be put towards the following:

  • College
  • Technical or Vocational Courses
  • Correspondence Courses
  • Apprenticeship/Job Training
  • Flight Training
  • High-tech Training
  • Licensing & Certification Tests
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Certain Entrance Examinations

Assistance for remedial, deficiency, and refresher courses may be approved upon request in certain instances.


MGIB-AD payment rates are updated annually, and the monthly benefit paid to you is based on the type of institutional training you take, length of your service, and your category. It also differs if the Department of Defense (DOD) put extra money in your MGIB Fund (called "kickers"). You can access your Montgomery GI Bill benefits for 10 years following your release from active duty, but this time frame can vary in different situations.


This is an option that you can avail in order to supplement your MGIB-AD benefits. By contributing up to an additional $600 to the GI Bill, you can receive increased monthly benefits that could amount in an extra $5,400 in assistance. To participate in the $600 Buy-Up Program, contributions must be made while on active duty. This table illustrates how your monthly payments could increase with contributions between $20 and $600.


If you are a serviceman or woman with 2 years of active duty under your belt, you are eligible for education benefits under the Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty. As a veteran removed from active service, you can generally use these benefits within 10 years following active duty. Since eligibility requirements are complex, they have been grouped into the following four categories. You must fall under one to be considered eligible.


  • Entered active duty for the first time after June 30, 1985
  • Had military pay reduced by $100 a month for first 12 months
  • Continuously served for 3 years, OR 2 years if that is what you first enlisted for, OR 2 years if you entered the Selected Reserve within a year of leaving active duty and served 4 years ("2 by 4" Program)


  • Entered active duty before January 1, 1977
  • Served at least 1 day between 10/19/84 and 6/30/85, and stayed on active duty through 6/30/88, (or 6/30/87 if you entered the Selected Reserve within 1 year of leaving active duty and served 4 years)
  • On 12/31/89, you had entitlement left from Vietnam-Era GI Bill


  • Not eligible for MGIB under Category I or II
  • On active duty on 9/30/90 AND separated involuntarily after 2/2/91,
  • OR involuntarily separated on or after 11/30/93,
  • OR voluntarily separated under either the Voluntary Separation Incentive (VSI) or Special Separation Benefit (SSB) program
  • Before separation, you had military pay reduced by $1,200


  • On active duty on 10/9/96 AND you had money remaining in a VEAP account on that date AND you elected MGIB by 10/9/97
  • OR entered full-time National Guard duty under title 32, USC, between 7/1/85, and 11/28/89 AND you elected MGIB during the period 10/9/96, through 7/8/97
  • Had military pay reduced by $100 a month for 12 months or made a $1200 lump-sum contribution

Regardless of which category you fall under, all service members or veterans must meet two mandatory requirements to be considered for the Montgomery GI Bill, Active Duty:

  • Veterans must have received a fully honorable discharge to use MGIB-AD benefits after being separated from active duty. Note that discharges "under honorable conditions" and "general" discharges do not make you eligible.
  • Service members and veterans must have a High School Diploma, GED, or in some cases 12 hours of college credit to be considered eligible under for MGIB-AD benefits.

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MilitaryRates.com is not a government website and is not affiliated with any branch of the U.S. Military.
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